Author - Arman Rousta

What is Mixed Reality Sports Gaming?

What do you get when you roll-up Fantasy Sports, Youth Sports and an Action Arcade into one? Basement Sports - the world’s first mixed reality sports gaming platform, where users can set up or join various sports leagues, one-day tournaments or o...

Basement Baseball Beta App Launches

After 9 months in development, Basement Baseball hits the market (both app stores) on May 29, 2020 as the first in a line of mixed reality sports apps developed by Basement Sports, in partnership with app development agency, Blueliner.  The team ...

The Need to Play & Stay Active

The research is clear.  Americans are unhealthy and out of shape - and we're not alone; most of the world is going in this direction.  The trend is starting much younger, which is most alarming. Why is this happening, and how can we reverse the trend - n...

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