Get ready for Women’s World Cup 2023 action with your own unique Basement Sports NFT!

We are dropping 32,000 unique Country & Player NFTs (1,000 for each of the World Cup qualifying teams) in anticipation of the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which starts on Thursday 20 July, with Australia and New Zealand co-hosting a tournament on track to become the most attended standalone women’s sporting event ever. The Men’s Collection has been live since November, and is also available to Mint here, or to Trade via OpenSea.

Everything you need to know and do to get these special NFTs is right here on this page. Choose single teams like Brazil, USA or Argentina, full 4-team groups as per the World Cup bracket (see here), the full slate of 32 countries or select teams. Start the process below before your favorite player style and team gets sold out. CHECK OUT THE WORLD CUP NFT RANKING!

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token that signifies ownership of a unique item – material or virtual.  In this case, the offering is to mint a gaming soccer player avatar that can be showcased in many ways but has deep utility within the Basement Sports app.  The unique-looking player can be from any of the 32 Men’s World Cup qualifying countries.  When you play soccer games or tournaments with this player and team in the Basement Sports app, the team will have that country’s specific chants and cheers, as well as ‘home crowd’ elements in the stadium.

As a sports brand, Basement Sports has a line of sports equipment and toy products, for both indoor and outdoor play.  Apparel is coming in the near future, which will open up significant merchandise and memorabilia, such as hats, personalized jerseys and more.  NFT holders will have exclusive and first look access to all such items as well as experiences.

You can showcase your NFT on social media profiles, personal websites and other web forums, through copy & paste code snippets and files.

Yes, there will be several ways to sell your Basement Sports NFTs, including on Open Sea.

In a sense, it is.  It is a mixed reality fan club, whereby members of each team’s club via NFT ownership or membership will get exclusive access to content, experiences and functionality in-apps and offline.  That will include select, branded merchandise, game tickets and other types of VIP access to sporting events, trips and more.  The ability to connect with other members of the club is accessible via the Basement Sports app and social profiles on popular social networks.

Both Men’s and Women’s Collections are now available! Click on Mint Your NFTs in the navigation to get started.


Go to our NFT minting engine and follow these steps to mint from our World Cup 2022 Collection.

  1. Create a new account or login with existing Basement Sports App account.
  2. Choose single teams like Brazil, USA or Argentina, full 4-team groups as per the World Cup bracket, the full slate of 32 countries or select teams.
  3. MINT your NFTs.

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