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Basement Baseball in Action

Basement Baseball can be played anytime and anywhere. This highlight package shows you what this vision is all about. Boys and girls alike will enjoy competing for bragging rights of the household or friend group. What better way to stay fit and have fun while playing in a safe, confidence building environment? In groups of […]

The 7 Core Principles of Basement Sports

Value-centric business models have swept the corporate world in recent years, and with good cause: company core values are proven to improve employee motivation and engagement, while nine out of ten CFOs believe that a clearly-articulated vision can improve their company’s business value and performance. No stranger to these trends, Basement Sports adheres to seven […]

Introducing – The Basement Sports Family

With the launch of Basement Baseball, the Basement Sports global brand of youth sports mixed gaming products has officially started. Our model of combining simple starter kits with an accessible, easy-to-use scorekeeping app will be applied to our new developing sports – Basement Baseketball, Hockey and Soccer. Along with baseball, basketball and hockey are two […]

What is Mixed Reality Sports Gaming?

What do you get when you roll-up Fantasy Sports, Youth Sports and an Action Arcade into one? Basement Sports – the world’s first mixed reality sports gaming platform, where users can set up or join various sports leagues, one-day tournaments or one-off games with friends or ranked competitors.

Basement Baseball Inaugural World Series Tournament Begins

To honor America’s pastime and demonstrate the growth potential of this new way to play, registration opens today for the Basement Baseball World Series, a nationwide (US) tournament across three different co-ed age groups – 14 & Under, 15-18 and 19 & Over.  App users simply need to invite friends and family to join 4 […]

Basement Sports Launches Equity Crowdfund

Jersey City, NJ – Amidst all of the COVID-induced challenges and bad news in youth, collegiate and professional sports lately, a bright spot has emerged.  The 40-year-old vision of a serial entrepreneur finally launches today, giving hope to big kids and little kids alike that recreational and competitive sports are not ‘on hold’.  Basement Sports […]

Basement Baseball Beta App Launches

After 9 months in development, Basement Baseball hits the market (both app stores) on May 29, 2020 as the first in a line of mixed reality sports apps developed by Basement Sports, in partnership with app development agency, Blueliner.  The team is actively working on iterative updates to Baseball, while also beginning development on the [...]

Basement Sports Releases Promo Video Ahead of App Release

Introducing Basement Baseball, the first in a line of Mixed Reality Sports Games developed by Basement Sports. Download the Basement Baseball App on IOS or Google Play store, and soon, you’ll be able to pair that with a unique line of customizable Basement Baseball products under the Basement Sports brand. For now, you can play […]

Kobe Bryant’s Inspirational Message #dontretirekid

Aside from the ‘cream of the crop’, many kids are starting to quit hyper-competitive youth sports, due to a number of factors, which leading Think Tanks, like the Aspen Institute, with the support of role models like Kobe Bryant, expose well in their initiative Project Play. What I love about this video is how Kobe talks about the […]

Office Edition – Season 1 Highlights

'Big Kids' enjoy Basement Sports just as much as anyone, as we found out during the inaugural Blueliner [Marketing Agency] Office League, held in Fall 2019. Things got heated, as everyone's competitive juices got flowing.  The Baseball App (in Alpha Mode) was thankfully on hand, to help keep track of Balls & Strikes as well [...]

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