The Basement Sports Office League Wraps Up the 2022 World Series

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The Basement Sports Office League Wraps Up the 2022 World Series

The Basement Sports Office League rounded out the 2022 World Series with a semi-final and final game of the championship.

The Elmhurst Bears and Dazzling Pandas were the first to face off. Both had narrowly defeated their competitors in the previous round of games, and the stakes were high. “I think it’s going to be a good game, but I’ve got to be on my game,” said Micah Bochart of the Bears. “I know that the Pandas are not to be taken lightly. You can’t get off your guard. They’ll lull you into a false sense of security. Right when you’re thinking it’s going to be an easy cruise to the finish line, bam! There they are. They come out of nowhere.”

“I never reveal my tricks,” replied Reina Jaay of the Pandas, “so they just have to pay attention and watch.”

True to form, the Pandas staged a huge rebound in the bottom of the third inning. Though it wasn’t enough to offset the Bears’ early lead, it was more than enough to cement the Pandas’ reputation as the “Queens of the Comeback.”

The Bears advanced to the finals, facing off against defending champions, the JC Tigers. Though the Bears managed their share of singles and doubles, they were unable to convert any of those plays into runs. In the end, the more experienced Tigers successfully defended their title, winning 7-0. “I think experience matters in anything, and I think, in this game today, that’s what showed off,” said Arman Rousta of the Tigers.

He continued by reflecting on the future of Basement Sports. “If we get some other, younger players coming in here; different players that have more game play experience, more baseball experience, we might see a different outcome. I welcome that.”

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