The Basement Sports Office League Makes Sparks Fly in Downtown Jersey City

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The Basement Sports Office League Makes Sparks Fly in Downtown Jersey City

The Basement Sports team made sparks fly last week at the b.Sports Headquarters, hosting a tournament that pitted our office league baseball champions against one another in friendly competition.

First up, we had the eagerly-awaited rematch of the (local) Chicago Cubs and the Dazzling Pandas. The two teams had faced off last week in a precursor game, the Cubs narrowly triumphing over the Pandas after three nail-biting innings. This week, history seemed to be repeating itself, with the Cubs building a substantial early lead over their rivals. Then the Pandas staged a major comeback in the second inning, scoring ten unanswered runs while the flabbergasted crowd looked on. The Cubs were unable to close the gap in the bottom of the third, giving the Pandas a dramatic victory. “I feel amazing, and those singles really paid off,” said the Pandas’ Reina Jaay. “Patience, and perseverance . . . yes!”

Next up, the Generals faced the Elmhurst Bears. For the first inning, neither team succeeded in scoring against the other. The Generals finally pulled ahead in the second, holding a 1-0 lead all the way until the bottom of the third. At the last instant, though, the Bears squeaked out a victory, running up the score to 2-1 with two outs against them. Don’t expect them to have an easy time of it going forward, though. “I want a rematch,” said the Generals’ Paul Akoto, with fiery resolve. “I’ll put money on it!” Only time will tell.

Last up, the Mobays hit  the field. Their opponents were defending champions JC Tigers. “It’s not easy to defend the championship,” said Arman Rousta of the Tigers. “Everybody’s always coming after you, gunning for you. I’m not getting younger, but I’m still feeling good.” That optimism proved well-founded. Though the Mobays gave it their best, there was simply no stopping the Tigers, who roared their way to a 6-0 victory.

The semi-finals and championship match will take place on Thursday, November 3rd. The Elmhurst Bears and Dazzling Pandas will face off first. The winner of that match will have their own opportunity to knock the stripes off JC. Will history be made? Possibly, but anyone who expects an easy victory against the Tigers is surely in for a rude awakening.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Basement Sports World Series, and visit for more information on the company, product, and app.

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