Basement Sports Hits iOS and Android Stores

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Basement Sports Hits iOS and Android Stores

After tireless work on the part of our development team, Basement Sports has officially hit the app stores. The app is now available for download, both for Android and iOS users.

Basement Sports is an advanced scorekeeper, team, and tournament manager for mixed reality sports. App users can create and manage 1-v-1 games, player statistics, and series/tournament play. Mode scoring can be managed by one or more players, or, ideally, a third-party umpire. Players can purchase a Starter Kit to accompany the app. The kit includes foam balls, bats, and interlocking floor padding tiles. With the material provided, users can transform their basement or living room into an indoor stadium.

The release of the app to stores is the culmination of a decades-old dream on the part of our team and founder. “It started for me back in the early 80s, when I was a five, six, eleven-year-old kid, with an older brother,” says Arman Rousta, Founder of Basement Sports. “We had a basement in Staten Island in our home, where we played . . . using whatever it is we had . . .”

“Basement Sports,” he adds, “is where Old School meets New School.” By combining digital game management with real-world game play, we encourage kids of all ages to work up an old-fashioned sweat and have a blast in the process.  We hope, by extension, to challenge some concerning health trends plaguing the nation, and to do so in the spirit of vigorous play.

Basement Sports currently specializes in baseball. We’ll soon expand the app to include soccer, basketball, hockey, and football as well.

We welcome you all to join us in our journey—Big Kids and Little Kids alike!

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Pre-OrderAvailable August 2020

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