Basement Sports Core Principle Spotlight: Real Face Time

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Basement Sports Core Principle Spotlight: Real Face Time

We close out our series of articles on Basement Sports Core Principles with a reminder of the importance of Real Face Time. To be sure, eGaming is a cool way to connect virtually, but at the end of the day, nothing replaces the value of face-to-face relationship building.

Children’s need to socialize with one another is paramount. “[Socialization] enhances and drives our ability to learn,” says Lori Markson, an associate professor of psychological sciences at Washington University St. Louis. “We look to others as resources, and kids are paying attention to social interactions from early on.”

Maximizing in-person contact between children can facilitate development in very specific ways. “When engaging in face-to-face communication, social information is conveyed by vocal and visual cues,” says youth development agent Ami Lin. “Children who better understand emotional cues in a social environment may develop superior social skills and form more positive peer relationships.”

Meanwhile, parents should remember that “face-to-face interactions between a parent and child are the building blocks of the child’s emotional, social, and cognitive growth.” This practice “not only encourages children to communicate and initiate, but it lets them know that you are interested in what they say and do.”

In sum, the mixed reality space remains a fascinating place for kids of all ages to explore. Just don’t lose sight of the value that comes with being in the presence of one another, forging new memories, connections, and shared experiences for everyone involved.



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