Basement Sports Core Principle Spotlight: Fair Play

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Basement Sports Core Principle Spotlight: Fair Play

As we near the end of our series of articles on Basement Sports Core Principles, we want to remind our readers of the importance of Fair Play. We encourage kids of all ages to diplomatically settle debatable calls and keep score honestly. In doing so, they create a safe and fun play zone for all.

As one youth development resource aptly put it, “Learning to lose without losing your cool is a skill, like learning to ride a bike.” They recommend that kids cultivate good sportsmanship among themselves and others by:

  • Showing up for practices and games on time, even if they’re a star player;
  • Turning the loss of a game into a learning experience, without blaming teammates or making up excuses;
  • Being willing to sit out so other team members can get in the game;
  • Cheering for their teammates even if they’re losing by a huge margin; and most of all,
  • Telling their opponents “good game!” regardless of the game’s outcome.

Other analysts take things a step further, and remind parents of the importance of modeling good sportsmanship for their children: “. . . shake hands with the coach or parents of the opposing team or act out giving a congratulatory hi-five to an opponent . . . Above all fitness should always be fun. Make sure your amazing athletes look forward to play time as motivation to stay active and thriving.”

It goes without saying that life can be trying at times. Learning, at an early age, to lose gracefully, support one’s teammates, re-frame defeat as a learning experience, and always prioritize enjoyment does wonders to position kids for the inevitable challenges of adulthood. At Basement Sports, we’re honored to be part of this process.

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