Blend FC Promotes Healthy Eating for Communities Worldwide

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Blend FC Promotes Healthy Eating for Communities Worldwide

Basement Sports is proud to champion the launch of Blend FC, which made a splash at a recent farmers’ market in Jersey City, NJ, offering fresh smoothies in promotion of healthy and transformative eating practices.

Blend’s mission is to overcome hunger and malnutrition on a global scale, starting in their own backyard—the United States. They want children to have daily access to natural, whole foods: unprocessed, unrefined, and organic.

The research in support of healthy eating is ample. A 2018 study showed that teens who have a low quality diet are 80% more likely to experience depression than teens who have a high-quality diet. Meanwhile, a separate study of elementary school-aged children decisively linked proper nourishment with improved cognitive performance, short-term memory, and visual perception.

Blend FC is well aware of these trends. Founded by former athletes who competed actively, the organization believes that a healthier world is a better world, and that everyone deserves balanced nutrition, regardless of their circumstances. Each smoothie is analyzed by a food scientist and nutritionist and made with love. For every smoothie purchased, another is donated to a child in need.

At Basement Sports, we are firm believers in everything Blend FC stands for. We look forward to charting the success of the venture, and helping to make the world a healthier place for everyone.




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