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Basement Sports – Not Just Sports

Basement Sports is proud to offer individual sales of products associated with the Baseball Starter Kit. Our very own 6 ⅜ inch foam floor mat tiles are now being offered in packs of six, along with being standardly available in the Starter Kits. The interlocking mats are perfect for cushioning any room in the home. Kids can play injury-free, whether it be playing baseball with friends or engaging in classic sibling rivalries.

Our mats are great for: 

  • Yoga
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Weight lifting
  • Protecting hardwood floors
  • Safety of children

Foam mats are lightweight, flexible, shock absorbent and softer than rubber mat alternatives. The mats are waterproof and easy to clean while also being simple to assemble due to the interlocking feature.

We ensure that all of our products contribute to and cultivate many of our core principles and offer an easier, safer route for ‘vigorous play’, ‘real facetime’ and ‘having fun’. A safe environment to pursue any sort of physical activity is key to doing so to the highest of one’s ability. We are excited to get our foot in the door in this market and hope you will add our foam mats to your home’s creative space area! 

You can find our foam floor mats and other products at the Amazon store or @


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Pre-OrderAvailable August 2020

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