Basement Sports Core Principle Spotlight: Creativity

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Basement Sports Core Principle Spotlight: Creativity

Creativity is one of the Seven Core Principles of Basement Sports. We believe it holds wide-reaching value for kids of all ages.

“Creative intelligence is the basis for the higher achievements of individuals,” says Elżbieta Płóciennik of Science Direct. “[It allows] them to go beyond existing solutions through abstract thinking, associations, deduction . . . or transformation.”

Creative engagement is especially important for children. According to a paper from Maryville University, creativity reduces cortisol and stress levels and is positively related to emotional intelligence. Having a creative mind is both a cause and an effect of happiness, and indicates that children are open to exploring their identity. The paper also details tips for cultivating a child’s creativity. These tips include encouraging experimentation, and regularly scheduling long, uninterrupted periods of play.

Additional research indicates that structure and routine can be rewarding for children, while a study in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience shows that regular exercisers do better on tests of creativity than their more sedentary peers.

At Basement Sports we encourage kids to be imaginative in how they structure their environment. Team, field, and uniform design allows for exploration of space and tactile items, while the physical act of game play satisfies the kinetic component of creative expression. “When I think about play, [I think about] a willingness to experiment, to try new things, to take risks, to test the boundaries,” says Mitchel Resnick, Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab, echoing our underlying philosophy. “Encourage experimentation by honoring failed experiments as much as successful ones.”

We are especially committed to fostering creative pursuits given the impact of COVID-19 on children’s social development. When kids feel confined or isolated, they often struggle to activate their creative flair. Innovative approaches to challenging one’s environment are more in demand now than ever.

Additionally, as Professor Resnick points out, “The coronavirus crisis highlights the growing need for creativity in today’s society. We need the creativity of public-health professionals to develop strategies for limiting the spread of the virus. We need the creativity of doctors and scientists to develop a vaccine. We need the creativity of educators and parents to provide learning opportunities for children while schools are closed.”

The pandemic reminds us, once again, that an investment in the creativity of youth is quite literally an investment in the future of society. Our team is honored to be part of that journey.

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