Basement Sports Joins Google Shopping and Buy on Google

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Basement Sports Joins Google Shopping and Buy on Google

Basement Sports is proud to announce that our Baseball Starter Kit is now available via Google Shopping, taking part in a growing trend that has swept the internet in recent years.

According to multiple studies, shopping ads are some of the most clicked ads Google has to offer. Indeed, for retailers, shopping ads account for over 60% of their paid clicks.

With expanded opportunity comes the need for a strongly coherent marketing scheme. Below are three key strategies for maximizing performance on the Google Shopping Platform:

  1. Keep pricing competitive. Overpricing your products in comparison to your competitors causes your ads to show up less frequently. Asics learned this lesson convincingly when they saw a 231 percent increase in impressions after making their prices more competitive.
  2. Place keywords strategically. The product title is prime real estate for the placement of keywords. Lispy London notably tried this tactic and soon saw their impressions jump from 419 to 4023.
  3. Pick a compelling product image. First and foremost, images should be professional in appearance. Furthermore, one should approach them less from the vantage point of communicating relevance to Google and more about attracting consumers’ eyes.

Basement Sports is excited to join the Google Shopping and Buy on Google ecosystem, and are rooting for other companies to share in our success. Anyone can buy Basement Sports Baseball Starter Kit and other baseball accessories from Buy on Google with Google Guarantee! There you can enjoy 20% discount also for a limited time!

Basement Sports Products at Buy on Google

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