Basement Sports: The Origin Story

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Basement Sports: The Origin Story

“It started for me back in the early 80s, when I was a five, six, eleven-year-old kid, with an older brother,” says Arman Rousta, Founder of Basement Sports. “We had a basement in Staten Island in our home, where we played . . . As young, athletic, energetic kids, my brother and I . . . just started inventing different types of games, using furniture, using Nerf balls . . . using whatever it is we had . . .”

That little kid, now a big kid, wants to share with others what made his own childhood special. In this way, Basement Sports represents the culmination of a life-long effort.

“At some point in time, there’s going to be a confluence between the digital world and the analog world,” Arman says. Basement Sports positions itself at the vanguard of that confluence, combining an advanced score-keeping app with real-world game play and the ability to work up an old-fashioned sweat.

“Basement Sports is where Old School meets New School,” Arman adds. Both the product and branding reflect this underlying philosophy.

Fifteen years ago, Arman vowed to start Basement Sports upon the sale of his next company. He crossed that threshold in July of 2019 when he headed up the successful sale of Ajustco, and was finally able to honor the promise he’d made to himself all those years prior. The day after the Ajustco sale, he gathered up his core team and began charting the course of Basement Sports.

In October of that same year, the Basement Sports team launched an office league, testing out both the alpha version of the app as well as the physical products, and had a blast in the process. Then, in May of 2020, Basement Baseball hit the market with its Android and iOS apps. Three months later, the Basement Baseball Starter Kit was made available for purchase.

Now, with products available on Amazon, Basement Sports is generating engagement through the orchestration of a World Series, and is rolling out Basketball, Soccer, and Hockey iterations as well.

“The way we built our product line is to allow kids to be creative about how they structure their home turf,” Arman says. “We allow you to really envision your basement as Yankee Stadium . . . You make it your own.”


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