Basement Baseball in Action

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Basement Baseball in Action

Basement Baseball can be played anytime and anywhere. This highlight package shows you what this vision is all about. Boys and girls alike will enjoy competing for bragging rights of the household or friend group. What better way to stay fit and have fun while playing in a safe, confidence building environment?

In groups of two, players go head-to-head with their supporters cheering them on from the ‘dugouts’. After each pitch, at bat, or inning, supporters can also fill the role of manager, inputting the scores into the Basement Baseball app.   

Field set-up is simple and quick, but make sure the Home Run, Double and Triple markers are clear to avoid having to use ‘replay review’. Creativity is key at Basement Sports and these players chose to use nets as fielders to help save some runs. Amazing defensive plays and crazy home runs have been a staple of the game since the vision started becoming a reality in late 2019. 

Read about our 7 Core Principles and why now is the time for Basement Sports to come in and provide a fun, competitive game for youth of all ages. To the adults wondering if they can play with their energetic youth, don’t worry, the big kids can play too! Basement Sports plans to welcome additional sports into the Basement Sports Family in the early months of 2021. 

The Basement Baseball Starter Kit is now available to buy from Amazon. You can also buy the starter kit from our website with other baseball accessories. For a limited time, use the code Kit2020 for 20% off the perfect holiday gift this giving season.

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