The 7 Core Principles of Basement Sports

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7 Core Principles of Basement Sports

The 7 Core Principles of Basement Sports

Value-centric business models have swept the corporate world in recent years, and with good cause: company core values are proven to improve employee motivation and engagement, while nine out of ten CFOs believe that a clearly-articulated vision can improve their company’s business value and performance.

No stranger to these trends, Basement Sports adheres to seven foundational principles; life values around which we encourage and develop our products:

  1. Vigorous Play – We encourage everyone to engage in at least one hour of activity every day, and work up a healthy sweat. The obesity rate for children ages six to eleven has quadrupled in the past forty years, and tripled for adolescents aged twelve to nineteen, making it especially important that our youth seek out recreational opportunities.
  2. Real Facetime – While we acknowledge that eGaming is an exciting way to connect virtually, nothing can ever replace the benefits of in-person relationship building. With children now spending more than 7.5 hours per day in front of a screen, we suggest cultivating regular play with one or more friends or family members, face to face.
  3. Fair Play – Strive for the creation of a safe, fun play-zone, with honest score keeping and a reliable means of settling any debatable calls. Facilitate a level playing field for all participants, calibrating for differences in age and size.
  4. Keeping Score – Approach score keeping not just as a means of tracking your standing in a game, but also as a tactic for developing practical math skills, which numerous studies have linked positively to improved confidence, among other benefits. Score keeping can also be an effective means of setting and achieving goals.
  5. Creativity – Uniform, team, and field design encourages creative expression with tactile items, in turn bringing inspiration into households. The power of constructive imagination has a demonstrable impact on self-esteem.
  6. No Pressure – Our goal is that kids playing Basement Sports go beyond the mere development of skills, and focus on the act of spending quality time with peers, in a loosely-structured environment without pressure or judgment.
  7. Have Fun – In sum, nothing beats having fun while getting fit and improving physical and mental math skills in the process.

In adhering to these principles, we strive not only to up our own game, but also to create a community where everyone can have a blast while endeavoring to become their best selves.

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